Adding LUNA to your Terra wallet is a simple two-step process.
STEP 1 : Exchange fiat money, or other cryptocurrencies, for LUNA using an exchange available in your country
STEP 2 : Send LUNA to your Terra Wallet
If you don’t have a Terra wallet already, you can create one in less than 5 minutes using this simple guide.

Once you have a wallet, withdraw your LUNA from the exchange to your new Terra wallet address. Each exchange will be different, so you should visit the web page of your exchange for details on how to withdraw. 
The following is a general guide, subject to exchange-specific procedures:
Click on the name of your wallet in the top right corner of Terra Station and then click COPY just below the address
Paste your copied Terra wallet address into the LUNA withdrawal page on your exchange
Withdraw your LUNA from the exchange to your Terra wallet
Done! Congratulations, your LUNA is now in your Terra wallet and ready to be used in the Terra ecosystem!
Lock LUNA to Earn Rewards
Temporarily lock your LUNA with a Terra validator to earn rewards, strengthen Terra’s network security, and vote on governance proposals that help determine the future of Terra.