Rapid Grants

If you’re a developer, creator, or builder interested in receiving smaller grants from the Terra Community Pool to build something in the following categories, please apply to the Rapid Grants Program overseen by the
Terra Ecosystem Committee.

Categories :

  • dApps

    Applications that have decentralized backends and/or frontends (smart contract-based) and are associated with the Terra Ecosystem either by integrating UST, mAssets, other Terra assets in a meaningful way or deploying on Terra main-net.

  • Open source and public tools

    Code explorers, developer tools, etc.

  • Ecosystem Initiatives

    Tutorials, documentation, videos, workshops, developer empowerment, marketing initiatives, sponsorships, etc.

  • Other

    More special initiatives that will require individual review on a case-by-case basis such as event sponsorships and special projects.

Grant Sizes

  • $1k to $30k - grant size for teams that are developing within the Terra Ecosystem that have a new concept they are attempting to work on. All teams that have never received community pool funds will default into this grant size unless all team members have previously (1) accepted funds from the Community Pool and (2) successfully implemented all milestones with success.

  • $30k to $100k - only available as follow-on funding to teams that have met initial milestones and have previously successfully executed on smaller grant sizes.

For more details, check out the link here

Terraform Capital Ecosystem Fund

Terraform Capital comprises the $150 million ecosystem fund, connecting vetted teams building on Terra with investors and other resources, including subsidizing code audit costs with partner auditing firms.

You can apply to Terraform Capital Ecosystem Fund here